Jean-Yves Bignoux /Underwater Photographer /Oceanic Research /Scuba Instructor
Jean-Yves Bignoux /Underwater Photographer /Oceanic Research /Scuba Instructor

Jean-Yves Bignoux /Underwater Photographer /Oceanic Research /Scuba Instructor Born 21/11/1975,Blantyre.
Hello and thanks for visiting my profile ,my name is Jean-Yves Bignoux
Capturing and sharing photos as a way to experience the oceanic world while writing about the fundamental  scientific principles on how the planet  ocean works  is what this website is all about.
I have a very strong interest in Marine Conservation Biology , Marine Biology  and Ocenography,although i am not a scientist.
The marine sciences have offered another window of understanding of  our marine environment while  photography compliments the knowledge gained after years of diving professionally and being a former  journalist,whilst capturing  photos of marine life and the vast underwater world our planet has to offer is for me  a way to observe and document this oceanic world of ours .
I have worked as a Scuba Instructor and Divemaster for several years and been a Scuba Diver for 12 years ,i have been doing Underwater Photography  for over 12 years as well.
I particularly write about and undertake research on our underwater environment  with a strong focus on Marine Biology, Marine Conservation  and Oceanography.
Camera’s:  Canon 7D and Nikon D300 and Pentax ,Ikelite underwater housing.DS160 Twin flashes/strobes.
Certifications:PADI Assistant Instructor,PADI Divemaster,PADI Underwater Naturalist,PADI Digital Underwater Photographer ,PADI Coral Reef Conservation,PADI Enriched Air Diver-Nitrox and CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor .
Cheers ….Jean-Yves Bignoux

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