Apart from teaching English ,some days are spent doing these things !!Photography

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My experiences in Scuba diving, Underwater photography,Nature photography and marine science relationships thus far.

Well instead of talking about general photography and bogging everyone down with  too much technical jargon when it comes to the subject of scuba diving ,oceanography ,marine biology and environmental science .Lets take a different approach.

I would like to start of with a more in-depth look at what this site is about…and yes i have done that before in a previous post a while back ,i believe it was early last year if memory serves me correctly. but in that particular post i did not convey the message well.. and so not to bore any further …lets just get to it .

I would first like to start of with in what i am not …Meaning ,instead of me just showing you a bunch of photos and as a photographer and also showcasing my portfolio as just another photographer website or blog ,i would rather give or attempt to give for that matter a sense of value and education  about the many aspects which i personally have come across and learnt in my both recreational scuba diving activities and professional scuba diving activities ,and how that relates to photography ,underwater photography and the marine sciences such as Marine Biology and Oceanography .

Firstly ,i am not a Scientist ,i am more what you may want to call a Marine Science nerd when it comes to reading ,writing  and learning more and more on the subject of Environmental Science  Marine Biology and Oceanography .I have done so for around 15 years now ,yes i have collected many books on mainly on Marine Biology  and Oceanography and read many more articles on scientific journals related to the scientific disciplines ,however i am still just a Marine Science nerd or nut .

Another thing is that i am not an expert ,both in underwater  photography and photography in general ,i believe i am just an experiencer that happens to have many cameras and lenses ,a tool photography is ,any form of photography  ,a medium of the fusion of art and science ,this is what i believe photography is  in definition.

I am just me telling you what i know thus far in photography,underwater photography and the marine environment after 14 year of diving and 13 years of photography .I can add that im not the sharpest knife in the draw but i have a passion that i wish to share ,educate and learn.

Moreover i do not consider my self to be a subject matter expert ,again i just have experience in underwater photography and happen to be a Scuba Diver and yes a Scuba Diving Instructor  that does not me an expert,however these are titles ,what i know  is context ,substance and value i believe. with a vast memory of experiences and situations ….forget job titles ,there just a way to classify things .

Basically i will be sharing my experiences of being a Scuba Diver ,Photographer and share what i know about the marine environment ,marine life and our natural world and how it works in a rudimentary way .

On that note ,if i may i will be most of the time be writing about how all the diving and photography i have done after many years what it has taught me and how that relates to the marine environment and the marine species that i have photographed over the years.

379659_10151342654752701_890241617_n copy 493304202700

So the best way i can do this is relate  many things to Environmental Science  Marine Biology ,Oceanography ,while keeping with the overall theme of Underwater Photography ,Nature Photography .

I will try to explain about  the many marine species in our oceans ,however they will be sub tropical and tropical marine species i will be talking about ,this is because nearly all of my underwater photography is photographed in Mauritius .

However i do photograph the many people ,places and situations that have an intrinsic link with our oceans and seas ,this forms part of the photojournalist side of me ,one which keeps me connected to photography by the way of land based photography

Now this is important ….If i don’t have a photo i have taken of it i wont talk about it ,i will only ever discuss and explain the marine life subjects i have photographed,  i know about and read about and studied them, that also goes to dive sites i have dived,if i have not dived it ,i wont talk about it  .

The primary  reason for this is simple .As many photographers know ,and just in case you don’t know ,one of the first and fundamental things about photography as a whole is you need to know your subject ,meaning your photo subject .

So in a nutshell i ONLY talk about marine life species ,places or dive site i have ACTUALLY photographed and physically been too.

The second reason is that it in my firm belief that i can provide more context when relating or discussing a photo subject ,mainly because i read about and actually photographed that subject .

You really need to study your subject that you want to photograph,so when you know your subject you can predict its actions ,get a feel about  behavior and know many characteristics ,this pretty much goes for all types of photography ,but is somewhat pronounced when your shooting wildlife like photography underwater for instance.

Jean-Yves Bignoux

I will also try to keep to the facts ,what is known thus far ,but explain some narratives in posts about the marine life species ,places ,dive sites ,but will always rely on solid proof and what the marine sciences say about a given subject .However if i have an opinion i will share it

Knowing ,reading and doing  many aspects of scuba diving with all these years of experience diving and photographing on land  , reading many books on marine sciences and being a Scuba diving instructor lead me to many pathways ,which was inevitably one path in the end, to learn more and share that with anyone who either wants to listen and learn themselves or who have an avid or fond interest in underwater photography or photography and the marine environment and our natural environment in general

As i have stated ,if i can relate my photography to the scientific disciplines of Environmental Science ,Marine Biology and Oceanography utilizing my photographs i have taken underwater and correlate that with the dives i have done ,then i have done my job on this website .

Having prefaced that , Environmental Sciences and again how that relates to my personal experiences with it in the  more land based photography and nature photography will be from time to time a focus on this website  .Of course Environmental Science does also relate to many things ,sea and land ,to me its all the same thing ,its natural environment with no borders .

Tommorow i will write and subsequntly post about the other sections on this website which are currently in the process of being put together by me these are the tabs at the very top of the page  ,i will let you know section by section what topics i will also cover which are camera ,Mauritus and scuba diving realted.

One more thing ,all the photos are photographed by me and all articles are written by me .The only time that its not taken by me is in my profile photos in the BIO section and the ones on this page ,however they are taken with my cameras for my profile photos by other diversE

So i hope i have cleared the air on this website objective so to speak…I hope that i have explained my case well.Thank you for listening ,much appreciated.

Jean-Yves Bignoux at a Balaclava dive site on deco stop
Jean-Yves Bignoux




All over Mauritius /Ile Maurice-To kick off this year ,i look at my camera bag too see the camera lenses and camera equipent i use

MAURITIUS 2018 2 001

All over Mauritius /Ile Maurice-To kick off this year ,i look at my camera bag too see the lenses and camera equipment i use ,this is my prized lenses and cameras i use .

Cameras :Nikon D300,Nikon D7000,Pentax KX ,Canon EOS 7D and L24 Nikon compact .

Lenses:Nikon 28mm 3.5,Nikon D 50mm 1.8,Nikon 70-300mm F4 telephoto ,Sigma 10-20mm,Tokina 80-200mm F4,Pentax SMC A 35-70mm,Cosina 70-210mm F4 and Tamron 90mm 2.8macro

For Underwater Photography :Ikelite Canon EOS 7D housing ,DS 160W Ikelite flash/strobe,Ikelite Nikon L24 housing ,Ikelite AF35W flash/

MAURITIUS 2018 2 462DSC_0718DSC_0629MAURITIUS 2018 2 08510150616231332701DSC_0166DSC_0367DSC_6726 (1)$RM5WZZZDSC_6951 (1)DSC_0585DSC_6994 (1)MAURITIUS 2018 2 511401423392700101501866609827014509222427004517268877004956776527005007312027001015016693943270110150168612437701

Mauritius ,2018 so far in the photographic journey plus camera lens and camera takes,scuba and hiking on the land that can give you scuba and hiking at its best

photos Jean-Yves Bignoux

I guess i need to introduce my camera lenses and the coming of a new camera to my lineup,so here are the  lens machines that make my images possible daily and the cameras that go behind making the photos that i can ,i am  grateful for my cameras and the lenses .

So …Mauritius ,2018 so far in the photographic journey plus camera lens and camera takes,scuba and hiking on the land that can give you scuba and hiking at its best..thanks cameras and lenses.

MAURITIUS 2018 2 002MAURITIUS 2018 2 005MAURITIUS 2018 2 014MAURITIUS 2018 2 016MAURITIUS 2018 2 037MAURITIUS 2018 2 052MAURITIUS 2018 2 058MAURITIUS 2018 2 085MAURITIUS 2018 2 103MAURITIUS 2018 2 107MAURITIUS 2018 2 112MAURITIUS 2018 2 134MAURITIUS 2018 2 164MAURITIUS 2018 2 174MAURITIUS 2018 2 176MAURITIUS 2018 2 179MAURITIUS 2018 2 192MAURITIUS 2018 2 193MAURITIUS 2018 2 202MAURITIUS 2018 2 204MAURITIUS 2018 2 205MAURITIUS 2018 2 212MAURITIUS 2018 2 215MAURITIUS 2018 2 451MAURITIUS 2018 2 462MAURITIUS 2018 2 526MAURITIUS 2018 2 532MAURITIUS 2018 2 224MAURITIUS 2018 2 234MAURITIUS 2018 2 248MAURITIUS 2018 2 253MAURITIUS 2018 2 254MAURITIUS 2018 2 274MAURITIUS 2018 2 284MAURITIUS 2018 2 294MAURITIUS 2018 2 304MAURITIUS 2018 2 343MAURITIUS 2018 2 358MAURITIUS 2018 2 511




Ocean Imagery 2016 -2017 …Jean-Yves Bignoux. Interactions with our oceans All photos are the copyright of Jean-Yves Bignoux. (En Francais)-L’imagerie de l’océan 2016 -2017 …Jean-Yves Bignoux. Interactions avec nos océans ..toutes les photos sont la propriété de Jean-Yves Bignoux


DSC_6027IMG_2139DSC_5872DSC_9759DSC_9321gabby and jude 047 copyDSC_05003727184427003727916977001015067421743270110151048504342701

The sun-drenched island of Mauritius

20 Oct 2011, Port Louis, Mauritius — Port louis, Mauritius. 20th October 2011 — A quintessential beach side area in Roche Noires in the north east of the island. — In 2011 alone, Mauritius welcomed over 960,000 tourists and projections of arrivals to the sun-drenched island are thought to be around 1 million for 2012. A main attraction is its enigmatic natural beaches adored by many worldwide. — Image by © Linley Bignoux/Demotix/Corbis

d300 Mauritius 2 447DSC_0002DSC_0079Jean-Yves REEF 171Jean-Yves REEF 190 copyJean-Yves REEF 214 copymaxy dive and shipwreck 051 copy746341e35f15c606de52f37d96c047bb3726937177003727184327001015114411137270110151291956242701epave azuma maru 055 copyIMG_2121IMG_2122IMG_2135IMG_2144IMG_2152442359357700460175027700484618337700488204917700101500987368427011015016706791270110150174054792701101511440832627011015067411472770110151144083462701101511455714927011015120562463770110151291987502701epave azuma maru 076 copyIMG_2145jean-yves reef 149 copy